eCare2Globe is a confidential cloud service with great data system that includes all the sub-programs that are suitable for all health institutions: Public and Specialized Hospitals, Public a


  • Comprehensive Accounting System

    The comprehensive accounting system is a system used to manage revenue, expenses and other financial activities within the eCare2Globe system. It provides additional capabilities enabling more detailed and accurate accounting data along with handling the daily accounting files and written accounting records of each component of the system.

  • Warehouse & Inventory Management System

    It is a supplement system for controlling inventory levels of medicines and pharmacies and managing current and future inventory requirements. Specific quantities of all medical devices are stored to easily notify the staff of the items' status. Moreover, it facilitates the reach of the materials required by the different departments.

  • Statistical and Detailed Reports

    The eCare2Globe system is able to export professional statistical reports related to the collection, organization, presentation, analysis and interpretation of all medical data of patients within the system.

  • Insurance Companies Module

    The eCare2Globe system provides integrated features with insurance companies to provide patients with any type of insurance discount, according to the financing contract of each insurance company with the medical institution.

  • Human Resource Management

    The Human Resource Management program is concerned with managing individuals within medical institutions following the policies and regulations. HR is a strategic approach to effectively manage people in any organization and oversee employee benefit, recruitment, training and development, performance evaluation and reward management.

  • Inpatient Admission and Discharge Module

    The internal management module is used to ensure the organization's goals in terms of effectiveness and operational efficiency, reliable financial reporting and compliance with laws, regulations and policies. It is used to give appropriate powers to each user within the eCare2Globe system.

  • Operations Module

    The Operations Module is part of the eCare2Globe system designed to handle hospital operations by managing operations time, date, staff, sophisticated electronic equipment and computers.

  • Radiology Module

    Radiology software is used for medical imaging through the system as requested by the physician to diagnose diseases within patients' bodies and discover pain points.

    There are a variety of imaging techniques such as x-ray, ultrasound, computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

  • Laboratory Module

    The medical laboratory module works in all areas of the clinical laboratory through the eCare2Globe system. It is used to perform a full range of laboratory tests; from simple prenatal blood tests to more sophisticated tests to detect disease according to physicians' treatments.

  • Pharmacies Module

    The pharmacy module aims to ensure safe, effective and affordable use of medications, the quality of medicines provided to patients, the availability of medicines in stores and the assurance that medications prescribed to patients are appropriate. It provides patients with advice on medications and how to take them.

  • Outpatient Module

    Outpatient clinics are part of the hospital designed to treat people with health problems while visiting the hospital for diagnosis or treatment and don't need bed or night care throughout the day. Modern outpatient departments provide a wide range of treatment services, diagnostic tests and simple surgical procedures.

  • User Management Module

    (Create - modify - powers - working groups)

    It is designed to manage users and functions allowed for each employee. It controls the access of each employee to the main screens and programs in the system based on the administration’s vision, the privacy and security of institutions.

  • Internal Mail for Employees of the Medical Center

    ECare2Globe supports internal communication between the medical staff inside any clinic in the system to alert interested users of any change in the status of the medical file of any visitor in the medical institution through the notification system.

  • Patient Reception Module

    (Opening files, booking appointments and managing daily service delivery)

    The Patient Reception Module is the primary point of contact for all patients, visitors and caregivers within the eCare2Globe system.

  • Medical File of the Family and Patient Profile

    The system provides the medical file and profile of the individual and the family where accurate health data, medical history and other patient care information are maintained by physicians or any other users of the system.

  • A Financial System for the Health System

    It includes all financial movements, such as calculating and paying for services, public and private insurance systems, medical staff salaries and fees and public financial management. Furthermore, it facilitates for supervisors to control all financial details of each service a patient receives.

  • Medical Staff Management Module

    It includes entering and modifying their data, system of administrative work times, system of fees, salaries and proportions of medical staff. It focuses on the medical staff and gives them the required access to the medical modules, based on the administration's vision.

  • Reception and Emergency Module

    It is the place where care and primary treatment are provided for patients with serious and life-threatening injuries. The emergency management grants 24-hour access, and it includes emergency physicians, nurses, diagnostic radiologists and reception staff. They are trained to deal professionally in all aspects of emergency.


International Classification of Diseases

The system uses the international standards (ICD10) for medical diagnosis

Sharing Medical Files and Images

The system supports the DICOM feature, used to send and classify medical images


eCare2Globe is an integrated cloud system used through any online search browser, like Google Chrome, at any time

Immediate Support

The electronic service provides 24/7 coverage. Upon discovering any difficulty, a specialist team helps you instantly

Electronic Archiving

It provides electronic archiving of all previous files and visits of patients to review them easily

Medical Records

It enables easy follow-up with patients as it stores his medical record of all his medical history

Electronic Reservation

The system provides the ability to reserve and review quickly and smoothly

Visits and Reception Management

It eases the registration of a new patient or visit and the reservation of appointments

Desktop Application

12- It is easy to configure the system from a cloud system to a desktop application

Comprehensive System

It covers the work of all internal departments (overnight), operations department, surgeons and anesthetists

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